NFCC 30th Anniversary show

18 February 2017 

A wonderful 30th anniversary show was hosted by our show managers Brian Gregory and Di Taylor.

Many thanks to all our exhibitors for bringing their beautiful felines along to make this such a special day.

Dr Bruce Bennett had the unenviable task of judging Best In Show.

Overall Best In Show 2017

Imp Gr Ch & Gr Pr Kattjewels Tinkerbell

The beautiful Tinkerbell being judged during Best In Show.

BIS Male Adult & Overall Best Adult

Imp Gr Ch Noynarock Jasper Skogvenns
NFO n 22
Owned by Mrs D Emery

BIS Female Adult

Gr Ch Norspirit Teddybear
NFO n 09 22
Owned by Mr A & Mrs A Whittle

BIS Male Kitten

Maverick De Lailoken(imp)
NFO ds 22
Owned by Mr D Handy

BIS Female Kitten & Overall Best Kitten

Cleasanta Abigail
NFO f 09
Owned by Mr I & Mrs F Hermon

BIS Male Neuter

Noynarock Ned Stark
NFO n 09 22
Owned by Miss S Thomas & Mr S Bartley

BIS Female Neuter, Overall Best Neuter & Overall Best In Show

Imp Gr Ch & Gr Pr Kattejewels Tinkerbell
NFO gs 22
Owned by Mrs J Candler

Best In Show NP

Brown Tabby S.H.
Owned by Mrs J Gummery

Best In Show PP & Overall Best In Show HHP

IGMC Chili
Red tabby point S.H.
Owned by Mrs J Harling

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