online facebook competition

by charlotte tiller

The COVID-19 situation has cancelled many cat shows and kept a majority of us at home and unable to enjoy the social aspect of seeing our friends/family. I was really excited that I was able to bring our competition to Facebook and enjoy seeing all the wonderful cats we have as part of our community.

There was no GCCF rules as this was just a fun photograph competition and anyone from around the world could enter so we had a huge variety!

We had 1106 entries across the classes!

Our classes and judges were as follows:

Cutest kitten - Sandra Woodley

Naughtiest cat - Linda Brennan

Best group picture - Daphne Butters

Most impressive tail - Fiona Hermon

Cat judge wants to take home - Sandra Moore

Unlikely friends - Helen Hardwick

Golden Oldie - Sally Rainbow-Ockwell

Straightest profile (NFC Class) - Fiona Hermon

Fluffiest Coat - Helen Hardwick

Once again, a huge thank you to these judges for giving up your time to help me with the show and I must pass on the thanks from the winners and other entrants! The feedback has been fantastic and I am honoured that you all chose to be a part of our first online worldwide show! 

Our overall winner came from the 'Most Impressive Tail' class, Daphne Butter's our club president had a really tough final and I am very pleased to announce our overall winner came from Poland! 

WW`18 SW NW SP Ingrid Vendellek*PL DSM loved and owned by Karolina Laskowska.

Ingrid has had quite the career and her most prestigious awards are, World Winner 2018, Scandinavian Winner 2018 & Baltic Winner 2019



The Full Results

Naughtiest Cat by Linda Brennan

147 Naughty Cats !!!

Some of the photos were very familiar...! living with Bengals and a very naughty Russian ...

I narrowed it down to 6 and my results are as follows

Going clockwise from the largest photo

1st. Loki who is fond of mustering mice 🐭
2nd Baker who has a penchant for pink post

3rd Bubba who loves his bespoke boxes

4th Ysabel pondering which plate

5th Noomi that’s savouring her sausages

6th Bandit who’s holding his greens to ransom























Unlikeliest Pair BY Helen Hardwick

Ok, here are the results of the Hardwick jury:
An amazing selection of photos and incredibly difficult to choose, but here goes:
1st Darren Barber’s Magni (and friend). What could be more unlikely than a cat and a rodent? Marvellous, and top marks for catching it on camera!
2nd Annie Rees Weesams Magnus and Fifi. Such a beautiful pair and a beautiful photograph.
3rd Debbie Collingwood’s Bubz and Roxy. Bubz’s appealing expression and Roxy’s completely relaxed demeanour made this photo particularly appealing.
4th Carol Walker’s Heidi and Belle- just a beautifully matching pair. Tortie/ tricolour overload!
5th Carol Walker’s Fflint and Belle- Fflint’s expression has me in stitches! Is it “Help!!!” or “Disturb us and you’re dead!” You decide
6th Debbie Lewis’s Belle and Bailey. The contrasting sizes of these buddies and Belle’s obvious trust- a heartwarming sight to behold.




















Most Impressive Tail judges by Fiona Hermon

Well I had the most amazing time picking my favourite 4 from the 87 entered into this class. I can safely say that all of the entrants had truly wonderful tails and it took me quite a time to whittle it down to 4.

1st Karolina Laskowski’s Ingrid – stunning! That snowy white imperial swish of a tail you just have to say wow!
2nd Sarah Holden’s Harry – another stunning feathery tail being shown to its best advantage with a good swish!
3rd Akemi Cattery’s Emi – adored this well-furnished showy tail shown to her best advantage!
4th Debbie Collins’ Arthur – that glorious red tabby striped tail says it all!






Fluffiest cat judged by Helen Hardwick

Again, sooo difficult to choose from all these gorgeous entries. In the end, I included grooming and presentation when making my selections, so:
1st Di Fry’s Galliano
2nd Sarah Holden’s Jak Frost
3rd Becky Graves’ Tarot
4th Tracey Archer’s Charlie
5th Debbie Collingwood’s Mist
6th Corrine Bradley’s Jazzy
.........and so many more that deserve inclusion!

































Cutest Kitten Class BY Sandra Woodley

Huge thank to the Norwegian Forest Cat Club for inviting me to judge your Cutest Kitten class and thank you all for the super photos you sent in. 175 super cute babies who all deserve a place but Charlotte said I had to choose four but I couldn’t and have cheated and I have picked six!!

1 Carol Walker's Spud – striding along with such confidence and showing off this super black coat with its white bib and socks and cute little black moustache
2 Graham Louise Whittaker's Freya – a sweet brown and white tabby babe with the lovely big eyes and cutest expression
3 Lesley Szwed's Slinky Malinki – a little ball of black fluff looking like a black cloud and pretending he was a big boy! Loved him
4 Karen LayFlurrie's Artie – sweet lad sitting in his bed and looking he is saying ‘how dare you take my picture
5 Hayley Ever's King Baby Noodle – so laid back with his legs straight in air
6 Dominika Kosmowska's Matheo - Gorgeous tabby and white baby snuggled on his toy.






















Golden Oldies (the cats not me!)BY Sally Rainbow-Ockwell

Apologies for the delay in getting these out – mixed up Saturday and Sunday….so perhaps the Golden Oldie applies to me too after all! Anyway, thank you so much owners for such a lovely bunch. All a credit to you at such exalted ages – I think the oldest was 22! It took some whittling down, but I got there in the end. Well done to all the super winners!
1. Vonnie Jackson’s Albert
I couldn’t resist this lad. He looks so imposing in his car – a well-earned posh classic at his age! He also looks in immaculate condition and so relaxed. A wonderful photo.
2. Ellen Camilleri’s Bob
I have to declare a slight bias here. I’ve long had a soft spot for cats called Bob, and when they look in such wonderful condition at 15 years old, well I’m done for. He can be on my lap any time!
3. Karolina Laskowska’s Vendel
This class was mixed between Forest cats and moggies, but this very imposing Forest lad had to have one of the top spots. Looking in super condition and with a lovely expression. Super coat, and attractive pristine white.
4. Debbie Rawlinson’s Stig
Back to a moggy here – but what a moggie! I just love his ‘neighbourhood bruiser’ expression – no prizes for guessing who rules the roost in his house! Looks like he has his perfect white bib on for his next ‘mouse treat’!
5. Carol Walker’s Joshy
What a cute photo – and looking like butter wouldn’t melt – I bet it would! All his curls in place – and that look says it all – “How many more photos, mum? I’ve got important sleeping to do!”




What a wonderful way to keep our cat world in touch, the virtual cat shows have become very popular in recent months when we cannot get out to visit or compete in cat shows! My thanks to the Norwegian Forest Cat Club for inviting me to judge the Best Group Picture. Participant support has been absolutely amazing, over a hundred photos in my class, so many that I was unable to place some photos that really deserved a prize.
I looked at all the photos, then split into four groups which would cover all the pictures – Pairs of Cats, three or More Cats, Kittens and Action Shots. For each sub-category, I placed 1st to 4th and the four winners went head to head, the overall winner becoming Best Group Photo.

Sub-Class A - Pairs
1st Jen Digweed - Petra and Phantom
2nd Carol Walker – Josh & Murphy
3rd Becky Claire - Eva and Alfie = relationship goals
4th Stephanie Henriksen - Gary and my sister’s Cat ‘Cousin Winnie’







Sub-Class B - Three or More
1st Akemi Cattery - Yuki, Emi and Hela
2nd Tracey Archer Belle, Merlin & Freya
3rd Elizabeth McClelland - Marta, Liesl & Reisa
4th Mandy Luby - Phantom, Fury & Sabre












Sub-Class C - Action Shot
1st Sarah Holden – Lincoln & Harry
2nd Becky Graves - Kion,Tarot, Oreo and Blaze
3rd Karren Fulgoni - Floki, Silvie and Polly Grey
4th Elizabeth Malone “OK, you take the mouse!”






Sub-Class D - Kittens
1st Nina Knoblochová - Litter B Soul of Asgard
2nd Dominika Kosmowska - Litter M Arnora*PL Marques, Marinette, Matheo, Marcellette and Macarius
3rd Chiara Polledro - I Trolls Pelosi Litter A
4th Jeanette Morgan - chill time
















So now we have our final four for Best Group Picture:

1st & Best Group Picture: Nina Knoblochová - Litter B Soul of Asgard
Who could resist falling in love with six kittens in a basket? What a lovely photo, they all look so innocent – how did their owner manage to get them all to stay in the basket for this photo? You can see each kitten’s character- the ones who follow the rules, the one who doesn’t care so looks the other way and the shy one, just peeping over the edge of the basket. I’m glad that I don’t have to choose one of these kittens, all adorable and the white background really focuses your eye onto the basket full of kittens. Congratulations, super photo!




















2nd Jen Digweed - Petra and Phantom
A very close second, it was nip and tuck between this photo and my winner. What a stunning pair, peas in a pod both with a very attractive Sylvester coat and stunning bright green eyes. Look at their full ruffs! I really want to give these two a big cuddle – it will have to be of the virtual kind as I don’t think that I will be seeing people’s cats in the flesh for quite a while. I’m a real sucker for black and white Sylvester cats, these two look so well loved and spoilt. Great photo, the cats fill the picture.

3rd Sarah Holden – Lincoln & Harry
The levitating cat! I really don’t know how the owner managed to capture this true action shot. The photo tells so much – cat hiding in the tunnel, another one turns up, gets the fright of his life when tunnel cat shouts at him. We have all seen this type of thing happen with our cats – few have managed to capture it in a photo. My money is on tunnel cat winning the battle and keeping his tunnel. Great action photo - it really made me laugh out loud.

4th Akemi Cattery - Yuki, Emi and Hela
I loved the impression of tranquillity that this photo gives. It is so apt at a time when we are all in lockdown, wishing that we could go out and get back to how things were before. It was the combination of the cats in semi-shade which delicately muted their colours combined with the stunning landscape of snow-covered mountains that really appeared to me. A wonderful winter scene, I loved it. I wonder if they are wishing that they could get out and explore their beautiful surroundings.



Straightest profile judged by Fiona HermoN

Our only exclusively Norwegian Forest Cat Class 

I can safely say that there were some truly impressive profiles in this class of 74 cats!

1st Isabelle Casagrande’s Colt
2nd Karolina Laskowskas’ Pegasus
3rd Russell Law’s Waimea
4th Kiri Brown Thistledown













Cat judge most wants to take home BY sANDRA mOORE

An absolutely HUGE class WITH 223 wonderful cats to choose from and my my did she have some tough decisions to make! She even awarded extra places! (EX)

Joint 1st Gaskell’s CHEWBACCA & WALTER, I could not think of a better pair of fireside ornaments!!
2nd Camillieri's ELSIE MAE a beautiful girl who would fit in well in my household.
ex 2nd Robsons ROSIE such a sweet girl.
3rd Rawlinsons RAGNA what a wonderful face to lighten up any homecoming.
ex 3rd Forbes NARVIK my kind of homely cat to keep me company.
4th Wakers FAE I just love her.
ex 4th Unwins MICKEY Whoe could resist this sooty boy with sparkling eyes.
5th Bromleys ECHO wow what a cuddle cat.
ex 5th Collins ALBERT Such a poser my kind of cat.
6th Haines XENA I could see her sitting on the window sill watching the world go by.













Overall Best in Show BY Daphne Butters

What an amazing line-up, every single one a very worthy winner and what a hard job I had in picking just one photo for the top award.

1st & Overall Best in Show goes to Karolina Laskowska’s Ingrid, the Most Impressive Tail Class Winner. The photo really makes me go “wow!” Stunning pure white Norwegian Forest Cat with simply the most incredible tail – it would certainly keep her warm during cold Norwegian winters. That black background really makes her stand out. Congratulations, stunning photo, super cat!

2nd awarded to @Carol Walker’s Spud. Another fabulous photo. He won the Cutest Kitten Class – and I can see why. This black and white kitten with a Charlie Chaplin moustache and black beauty spot on the chin just looks like he is so confident and proud of himself. An adorable baby and a beautiful photo, he really fills the picture, with his character as well as his body.

3rd Nina Knoblochová’sLitter B Soul of Asgard. This was my Best Group Class Winner, I loved the whole idea of six kittens in a basket against the pale background. I have reported on this photo in my class, but can I just add, my favourite of the bunch had to be the one just peeping over the edge of the basket. A beautiful litter of babies, this photo should definitely be on the front of a box of chocolates.

My Other Considerations
Golden Oldie: Vonnie Jackson’sAlbert – the cleverest cat in the group, clearly able to drive a car.
Unlikely friends: Darren Barber’s Magni – Kissing cousins, I never thought I would see this! Well done on capturing this event.
Fluffiest Cat: Di Fry’s Galliano – So NFC in every respect – I just want to get my fingers into that wonderful coat.
Naughtiest Cat: Tarzy Tea’s Loki – Definitely an “Oh My Goodness” moment when I saw this one. Absolutely the naughtiest feline in show with that mouse in his mouth. Did he then drop it on his owner’s bed?
Straightest profile (NFC Class): Isabelle Casagrande’s Colt – Absolutely stunning straight profile, you could use this as a ruler. Loved the whole head shape.
Cat judge wants to take home: Rachel Gaskell’s Chewbacca & Walter (Joint places). Two lovely cats, so similar in looks that it’s no wonder that they jointly won their class. Both sitting proud, observing the world around them. Loved their thick coats.