I Love My Cat!!!!

This page is here for our club members to share show brags and special moments with their cats. We all love our cats so lets show them off!

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We ended up adopting a NFC in 2009 via your website person that helped rehome cats. We have had Ginger as a pet for 10 years now and we love her so much.


Ginger is now 17 and still very playful. She has had bouts of cystitis over the years but otherwise been in good health. She is slowing down a bit especially on stairs. She is definitely the boss and will bite my husband to say she is hungry.


At the beginning, she wasn't too keen on one of our children  (who was only a baby at the time) so stayed away from her. It has been lovely seeing how they have bonded over the years and grown up together.


I can't thank you enough for the happiness that the cat has brought us.


Thanks, Livi


Well, where do we start? Our first show was this Feb at the Greig centre. Our new Norwegian babies loved the show and were very successful.  We now have 4 in our family. They really are addictive!
We took 3 of them to the Supreme show, mainly for the experience. 
Our 2 baby girls were in the same class. This is Forestshadow Skye, (Porsha) silver mackerel tabby and white.
Not only did she win the class but also best of breed. Then got shortlisted for best in show SLH from a class of 20 babies.
Next photo is Normagikatt Princess Leia (Clara). Silver tortie tabby. She came 2nd to Skye! So 1st and 2nd, amazing!
The 3rd photo is Normagikatt Mekal. (Loki). 14 months old. Very surprised when he won his class as well. Then went onto to win best of breed against tough competition. So proud! He is now a Premier. 
We were quite overwhelmed by it all as so unexpected.
The 4th photo is Loki's brother Normagikatt Mathis (Frode). He did not go this year but is loved just as much!

Rachel and Stewart Gaskell

Thank you Rachel and Stewart. Congratulations on your supreme success. I remember the boys from the NFCC show and look forward to seeing you both and your gorgeous cats at the next one  in February :-)