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The Norwegian Forest Cat Club was founded in 1987 when the first breeding Norwegian Forest Cats were brought to Britain from Scandinavia. The Club is affiliated to the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF) and  ICATCARE (FAB). We welcome as members all who love Norwegian Forest Cats, here and abroad. Our aim is to widen public knowledge about this wonderful breed, and to help any NFC in distress. We encourage responsible ownership, breeding and showing of Norwegian Forest Cats.


Since the small handful of original breeders who imported the first cats into the country, many fresh bloodlines have been imported into Britain by Club members, so that today NFCs number in the thousands rather than hundreds. As Norwegian Forest Cats became more popular, the NFCC guided the breed to Championship status within the GCCF. This achievement took place in June 1997, since when we have also been running our own show. This takes place each February in the Midlands and is the largest gathering of Norwegian Forest Cats in Britain.

Since our small beginnings the breed has gone from strength to strength as English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish people have taken these wonderful, natural cats into their homes and their hearts. Now there are quite a number of breeders throughout the country and NFCs are well represented at all-breed Cat Shows both in the GCCF, Felis Britannica (FIFe) and TICA.



We are a friendly group, drawn together by our dedication and love of this unique breed. All members receive two to three newsletters a year, full of pictures and information. Club Members have the opportunity to meet each other every year at our AGM (held usually in February/March) and this is a great time to get up to date news on what the club is doing.

However, perhaps the most important task carried out by the Club is to provide a focal point for those interested in the preservation of these very special cats, who we hope will remain true to the original Scandinavian type. Norwegian Forest Cats must not change in the way that so many other breeds have over the decades. This is the aim of our Club committee and members, whether they are breeders, show competitors or loving and appreciative pet owners.


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