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Please send details and pictures of missing cats to Annie Rees -

Cats will remain on this list for 6 months if not found before this time.



My friend's cat Poppet is missing and has been for over 10 days now.
She was originally my cat and my friend kindly took her on.

She's 10 years old and went missing from St Minver, Cornwall.
Anyone with any info should contact
Sarah Yolland on 07929 663806
Any assistance is greatly appreciated.


(Sept 5th 2015)


She (or He as we were to later learn) was abandoned at a property we purchased with three other cats and lots of chickens.  We were able to keep Flossy and find wonderful homes for the other cats.  However on a following house move he went missing and nothing has ever been reported since. (Sept 5th 2015)  We did not know what breed he was until now and although it has been two years since we were deprived of his love I am not giving up hope of finding him.

Please contact Katy Boucher by email:



(December 2019)

 Our gorgeous Blaize a ginger who is 5 has disappeared.

Please contact Jill Atkins by email:

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