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A Norwegian Forest Cat..........     a  Mermaid..........     
        a meeting on a BBC message board...............
The two sparred, bantered, and, unbidden, stories came into Mermaid’s mind, stories demanding to be written in the form and the incantatory structure of the old Norse sagas. For what else could they be, for a cat whose ancestors once roamed the forests of Scandinavia, but tales to be told of an evening around the fire, listeners joining in with familiar repeated phrases? 

Everyone agreed these tales were far too good to be allowed to vanish into the ether, and so the sagas of Thorkjell the Fearsome, Thorkjell the Awesome, Thorkjell the Clawsome are now in book form for both the audience that grew to love this haughty feline and his encounters with a mermaid and other creatures, and for new readers coming afresh to the story.

Sadly, the splendid Thorkjell who inspired this work, faded into the mist beyond the end of the earth for further adventures in another life before he could see the completed book, but Windfarm Mermaid  has captured his spirit so beautifully, he lives on within these pages.

The pseudonym of the author hides a lifelong writer of poems, songs, stories and plays for adults and children, a teacher and leader of workshops in words.

But her particular joy is writing and reading or telling stories to children of all ages, stories such as the Sagas of Thorkjell Tushersson.



by Windfarm Mermaid (Author)

The Sagas of Thorkjell Tushersson

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